Telling Outcomes
The ‘telling’ in Telling Outcomes for us is best translated to ‘meaningful’ or ‘significant’ outcomes. We have the triple bottom line in mind though our entry point is being intentional in the people aspect. Optimally placed and developed people and teams then takes care of the rest. The idea of organisation has a strong connotation with coordinated activity. Coordination stands and falls with the measure of people happiness.

Professional-/ skilled helping = coaching, counselling, facilitation, mentoring: That’s us!
For this reasons and unique about us is that we focus both on personal and organisational aspects, work and home. The classic mistake we make is to think that people can leave their worries at home when showing up for work. We should also not be misguided to think that the work environment has little impact at home, which in turn (whatever the impact) shows up at work in a kind of feedback loop.

3 Tier services offering


People in processes

Optimised workforce

Telling Outcomes for Work

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership and management development
  • People alignment with strategy
  • Culture alignment with mission
  • Social science research and consultation
  • Reverse Engineering the future
  • Scenario planning
  • Professional learning facilitation and training
  • Team and or group dynamics
  • Conflict engagement
  • Process consulting
  • Employee trauma and assistance

We are into people of the business.

We use professional practices of coaching, facilitation, and corporate counseling to master, mend, or move through existing projects more efficiently. We also offer training to leaders and managers to do this themselves.

All processes involve people but every organisation relies on functional processes to get things done: Performance processes, On-boarding processes, Putting together groups or teams for various purposes.

Telling Outcomes at Home

  • Life coaching
  • Marriage counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Teaming up with children in counseling
  • Making life transitions
  • Personal development
  • Relationship coaching
  • Coaching for meaning
  • Trauma counseling and more

Culture eats strategy for breakfast – Peter Drucker

Culture eats strategy for breakfast and who are eating breakfast? Well people, of course. Organisational processes are those large scale endeavors that ensures momentum is kept, or effectively initiated: Change and transformation processes, knowledge and talent management, strategy formulation and implementation, cultural and diversity management

Value contribution

Our value contribution lies in the area of dealing intentionally with people currency (what counts for them) as a catalyst force in your organisation. We work either directly with individuals, groups and culture. Or we work with processes and themes in which they stand central.

Scope and nature of involvement

As part of these processes we work throughout the organisation, with departments, groups or teams, or as might be necessary with high impact individuals who have a significant bearing on the shaping or current expression of culture. The means through which we move towards telling outcomes include coaching, facilitation, training, or even counselling.

Culture is to an organisation what identity is to an individual! It is either that one thing that could destroy an organisation’s attempts to successfully move in some direction (e.g., planned change, mergers, and so on)…or that one thing that could exponentially maximize energy in a much needed direction.